Location Services

NightTrain provides location services through out the United States.

From Scouting, to Permitting, to on set Location Managing,
we’ve found locations for Films, Network Television Shows, Commercials, Cable Promos, Corporate Videos, Web Content and Stills.

NightTrain has scouted and secured locations all over the United States including Big Cities (like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Las Vegas,) Small Towns, Mountains, Canyons, Beaches, Deserts, Roads, Monuments, Arenas, etc.

We have an extensive NY Location Library that includes Interiors, Exteriors, Lofts, Theatres, Offices, Rooftops, Industrial Spaces, Warehouses, Mansions, & Studios.

We’ve worked in cooperation with all local film offices including The NYC MoFTB, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester Film Commissions, and many local government offices & agencies including New York City Hall, Department of Transportation, The National Parks Department, State Parks, City Parks, Central Park Conservancy, Police & Fire Departments, Bridges & Tunnels, The Port Authority, Airports, Harbors, and FAA (Aerials).

Recent Projects